Sunday, 7 June 2009

The Glasgow Academy

I apologize for going on and on about our "goings on" here in Glasgow.

In the day to day same old same old, I've forgotten to continue to share with you all of the the things that we now take for granted. All of the things that we continue to learn. The nuances, the language, the culture. I promise to do better!

Scott's brother Todd kindly reminded me that we needed to post simple things like pictures of the house, the boys' school and other everyday things. Thanks Todd for the nudge. I needed it!

Here is the school.

This is the original school building on this campus. Today it houses the main school office, the rector's office, the senior school library and a few senior school classrooms. The Glasgow Academy has been in this location since 1878! Here is a link to the school website with a little information on the history of the school.

As the Academy expanded, they purchased the surrounding tenement buildings which until last April, housed the Preparatory school offices and classrooms. Then, the completion of the new Prep School building allowed the student and staff to spread out a little!

This past year, all three of our boys have been in this building. Ethan and Christopher have classrooms along this glass wall which over looks the River Kelvin! It's splendid.

I hope you've enjoyed your tour around the Glasgow Academy.

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