Monday, 22 June 2009

The Blues

Last night Scott and I had the pleasure of accompanying our budding Saxophonist to the Jazz Festival to see YolanDa Brown. She's an award winning 24 year old Saxophonist that is amazing!

We had fantastic 2nd row seats and at the end of the first set, YolanDa picked Ethan out of the crowd and asked him to help her dedicate a song to the Glasgow Jazz Festival. She invited him on stage, introduced herself and asked him to do the same, asked if he played an instrument, (she was delighted that he played the sax) and then asked him to pick any genre of music so that she and her band could make up a song and play it for us. He said, "the Blues!" Imagine the delight from the audience to hear this 10 year old ask for the blues! She amazed us with a fantastic impromptu blues song and then many more in the second set.

She gave Ethan a CD and signed it for him afterward! What a memory!

Check her out: