Sunday, 10 October 2010

Friend Time

During those 2 weeks in Texas, we managed to squeeze in a little time with friends. It's never enough time and it always comes and goes too quickly, but we LOVED every minute of it! Here's a quick re-cap.

We spent the 4th of July weekend with the Walters Family at their beautiful lake house in East Texas. What a treat! And I love that even though we've not seen them for 3 years, our friendship hasn't changed. We laughed until our sides hurt and the boys enjoyed all of the fun things to do! Thank you Randy and Mary Anne for sharing your weekend with us!

The boys and this is Gumbo or "Bo". He might be one of the coolest dogs I've ever known!

We had a few technical difficulties with the boat. We were towed not once, but twice. First by the lake patrol and second by a good Samaritan; during a rain storm. Funny to Mary Anne and I, but maybe not to Randy.

And the pyro-technics that Randy provided were second to none! And taken very seriously I might add.

And you may wonder what in the world could keep this couch full of boys while there was so much to do outside? Why, the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Championship of course! Ethan said "Only in America people, only in America."It was a great weekend Walters Crew. Thanks for the memories.

Next stop, the Teddlie's House. Again, I love that after 3 years, nothing has changed! We swam, enjoyed some pizza and just loved catching up. Brian even watched the boys so Vicky and I could do a quick trip to the shops. Vicky, you make me laugh, you are a steadfast friend, a fantastic teacher and mother, and I LOVED catching up with you. So fast and furious but so fun. It made me miss you all even more. Thanks Teddlies for fitting us in. And let's don't wait 3 more years.....

And next, the Brockettes. Michele and I decided the water park would be a good idea in the Texas heat but unfortunately, the Scottish MacNicols brought the rain to Texas. So it was a quick trip to the water park. Back to their house for dinner where Michele, Pat and I tried to solve the world situation (particularly as it relates to teenagers and pre-teens). Then Ryan and Carson came back to Grandma and Grandpa's house for a sleepover which was a special treat. Thank you Brockette's for always fitting us in! It's NEVER enough time.

And next stop, the Elliott's house. For me, the Elliott's house is a soft landing spot. We tend to melt into the familiar and the children act as if we still live 2 doors down. I love that and I cherish our friendships! Thank you Susan for opening your home, for welcoming us in and for feeding our hearts and bellies. (We missed you Todd!)

And last, but certainly not least. Polly's house. Always a crowd favourite. "Auntie" Polly had Christopher, Charlie and I over for a sleepover and we loved every second! Polly spoils us rotten and we EAT it UP! Thank you for lending your ear and for fitting us in your busy schedule. We miss you and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Medicine for our souls!