Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Whew. We've just completed a whirlwind Fall Break full of fun, fun, fun!

The boys were off school for a week and a day and boy did we fill it up! Our dear friends Brian and Julie W. came for a visit all the way from Dallas. They'd been to Ireland and then popped over to Scotland for the weekend. We walked around Glasgow, shared meals at some of our favorite spots, cycled around the Isle of Cumbrae (check out that crazy 7 seater bike), visited a few sweetie shops, toured Edinburgh Castle, walked the Royal Mile, and took a drive through the Campsie Fells (the countryside).

It was such a treat to catch up with our friends and to show them a little bit of our lives here in Glasgow. Brian and Julie, thank you for taking the time to come for a wee visit!

The day they left, Mims and Gramps were scheduled to arrive. Their flight was canceled due to weather in Shreveport so they were delayed a day which we filled with laundry, errands and the cinema! Mims and Gramps left this morning after a wonderful week in Scotland. We had such a great time and I'll post about that tomorrow. Gotta run finish homework and head to fencing. More soon!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Last Strawberries

One of the gifts of this dear green place is the fresh strawberries. If you've read our blog before, then you may have seen earlier pictures from our trips to the Cairnie Fruit Farm. We love this place. It's an adventure playground and pick-your-own fruit farm in one. The boys and I decided to make our last trip this season to pick til our hearts content. It was glorious. Beautiful day, not crowded, plenty of yummy fruit and pumpkins for our front door!


Saturday, 3 October 2009

Monster Madness

Not the Halloween kind. The 2-wheeled kind. Last Saturday, we took the boys to the Museum of Flight (where we went this summer with Grandma and Davis) to see the Magnificent Machines. They included Monster Trucks, steam trains, ambulances, firetrucks, tanks, motorcycles, BMX bikes, scooters, and of course all of the planes on site.

It was right up our alley. The weather was perfect, windy and cool and we spent the whole day testing our families testosterone.

But I forgot my camera. So no cute pictures. Scott took a few on his phone but has yet to share them with me and he's on his way around the world.

So just for now, picture a Monster Truck Jam in Texas with Scottish scenery, 4 smiling boys and you got it!