Sunday, 26 September 2010

Girly Weekend

I spent the first weekend of our holiday in Austin, Texas with 7 of my friends from university. What a blast! We had 48 hours to laugh, talk, walk, shop, sleep, laugh and talk some more! We'd not been together as a group in way too long and really laughed until our sides hurt. We'd forgotten how much time we'd spent together at school and how well we know one another. It was a fantastic weekend and one that I hope we will repeat sooner rather than later! Mandy, Christa, Ashley, Marty, Jane, April and Dena, I miss you already.

And a huge thank you to Bob and Jane for keeping the boys so that I could go!

Schools Out, We're USA Bound

Another school year finished, a rainy Glasgow summer guaranteed, and so we were off! USA bound. 6 FULL weeks. Yippee!

Our first stop: Grandma and Grandpa Nicol's house in Texas. Even after a LONG day of flying and waiting, the boys had enough energy to throw their suits on and hit the pool with Grandpa! We enjoyed our time at Camp Nicol (there is so much to do!) and we slowly adjusted to the time change. Such a treat and we loved these first few lazy days!

We also met the newest Nicol. Abagail was born in February and we were all desperate to meet her. Scott had a chance to meet her in the spring while on a business trip but the boys and I couldn't wait to get our hands on her. So Stinkin Cute....

Aunt Amie getting in some Abby time.

Tons of Sunfish caught and released.

And lots of time in the kayaks and canoe.

Summer holiday continued in our next post!

Prep 7 Prom

The Grand Finale of Prep School here at the Glasgow Academy is the P7 Prom. It's was held the weekend before school finished for the summer and Ethan had a blast! The teachers and staff go all out to make it an event that the children will love. They've been teaching Scottish Ceilidh lessons at school and this traditional dancing mixed with pop and disco dancing proved to be a HIT!

Check out the grins! I am a little biased, but I think he's the cutest one going....

Ethan joined a group of boys and girls for a little pre-party so they could all ride together to the dance. As you can see, he and his friend Chris were providing some of the entertainment!

Ethan and his friends Katie and Seri.

Arriving at the school and hearing a few rules from the headmaster before heading into the dance.

And after. Sweaty and smiley. I think that says it all!