Tuesday, 9 June 2009

One Child

I'm down to one child this week and it feels SOOOOOOO weird! Ethan is on a week long field trip in Abernethy, Scotland with his entire grade. They are at an outdoor adventure camp and the grin on his face Monday morning was priceless! We are especially thankful for the beautiful weather they are having in the highlands. I know he is having a ball. He has a disposable camera with him, so I hope to post pictures next weekend.

Christopher left this morning on a last minute trip to Arlington, Texas! Scott has meetings tomorrow and Thursday in Dallas and we decided that it would be a special treat for Christopher to have that one on one time with his Daddy and his grandparents! You should have seen the grin on his face this morning. He is also thrilled to be missing a week of school and getting to see his Texas cousins.

And Charlie, he is stuck here in Glasgow with me! It's nice to have him all to myself and when I asked what he'd like to do this week his answer was as follows: "paint, playdoh, drawing and playing outside." It's the simple things. And when you are the third child, sometimes it takes the disappearance of all of the distractions to focus on the simple things.

And God sent me a special message yesterday morning. I stepped out of my car, tripped in a pothole and sprained my ankle. So slowing down with Charlie just got that much easier and I am grateful for it!

I do miss the chaos and noise though!

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ALL THE BEST said...

Take care of that ankle and enjoy your time together!