Sunday, 27 April 2008

Mims and Gramps in Scotland

We had a great 8 days with my parents exploring Glasgow and showing them around. The boys loved showing off our house, their school, and all of the things that we do on a regular basis. We had no rain (which caused them to question our complaints of bad weather) and we took advantage by being outside.
Some of the highlights included:

The Botanic Gardens

Double Decker Bus City Sightseeing Tour
Falkirk Wheel
Lunch at the Stables

Kelvingrove Art Gallery

Burrell Collection at Pollok Park


Hunterian Museum

Glasgow Academy

Walking the local parks

Drive through the countryside home

More park time

Visits to the grocery store, cheesemonger, wine shop, Mexican Deli, and Roots and Fruits

Swimming at the Gym

And the #1 HIGHLIGHT: Having your grandparents around to play!

They were such good sports and especially at the end of a fast paced, long spring break! It was a busy, fantastic week and they are off to cruise through Holland and to recuperate!