Monday, 28 March 2011

Rest Stop Extraordinaire

I snapped this photo at a rest stop on the way to Manchester a few weeks ago. The Brits like to stop and smell the roses. Or have a coffee. Or eat a meal. Or take a nap. Or shop the bookstore. And it's all in one car park.

And the restrooms are decent. Definitely a Welcome Break!

Thursday, 24 March 2011


One of my favourite things about living in Glasgow is the access to live music. Glaswegians LOVE music, every type. While the radio stations tend to focus only on British Pop, this city hosts a constant stream of musicians from all over the world and across all genres.

So far this year I've seen:

Tom Jones. Seriously.

The Streets. Who??

and Ray LaMontague. Awesome.

Tom Jones was here as part of the Celtic Connections Festival in January and I went with a group of girls. Not because any of us are die hard fans but because, he seemed like a legend not to be missed. His new gospel album is not my favourite but you've got to give it to this old man, he's not lost his touch. His energy is inspiring. The gospel choir opening for him was outstanding!

The Streets,(Mike Skinner) a British rapper, has a style of music that is not high on my playlist. Not much Rap in my music library. But we were up for anything and my friend Jo has a knack for finding gigs that will surprise and the Streets did not disappoint. It was a brilliant gig. He's a fantastic performer. It was True Glasgow. And boy did it make us feel OLD.

And Ray LaMontague might be one of the best live acts I've ever seen. He played the Concert Hall last month and since Scott was away on business, Ethan joined me for a fantastic night out. We were both blown away. Really, if you like his music and get an opportunity to see him, go. Awesome.

There is something and/or someone to see all the time. We could go to a gig every week and we would not scratch the surface of what's on offer. And for that, I am grateful! We love Glasgow.