Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Let it Snow!

Saturday morning we woke to a few inches of snow on the ground. As the day progressed, more and more fell and by Sunday lunchtime, Scotland was a winter wonderland. For those trying to travel, work, or get anywhere safely and on time, it has created havoc. For those of us avoiding the grey, cold, rainy days, it has been delightful! The boys played outside all day Sunday and we even built this crazy snowman with other parents in the hood! Muscles and all! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Cambridge, United Kingdom

I want to go back to school. I never knew there was a town quite like Cambridge. I shouldn't have been an Aggie. Did I just say that out loud? I know, I know. I wouldn't have met my husband, or the favourite girlfriends I mentioned in a previous post, but man, does Cambridge blow College Station out of the water.

Ethan had a fencing tournament in Cambridge in early November and we took the opportunity to have a long weekend away as a family. It was delightful. And delicious. And simply brilliant.

According to Wikipedia, Cambridge is the second oldest university in England (and the English speaking world) and the seventh oldest in the world. It is said that the university was founded by scholars in 1209 after they left Oxford following a debate with the townspeople. Academically, Cambridge ranks as one of the world's top universities and it regularly contends with Oxford for the top of the UK league tables. The University of Cambridge is made up of 31 colleges, each with it's own property and income. They are mostly diverse in their academia but give the students a smaller place to call home.

The college buildings are magnificent and the property breathtaking. The town itself is centered around the colleges and therefore has a youthful vibrancy that is unmatched. Everyone is on foot or bike, going to and fro with a sense of relaxed urgency. The River Cam runs through the town and was once a means of transportation and commercial delivery for the colleges. We highly recommend a guided punting tour along the river where you will see the backs (great expanses of green park land) and many of the college buildings.

Sunday we attended Evening Song at the Kings College Chapel and had the privilege of seeing their famous Boys Choir. It was worship like we'd never known. Again, breathtaking and spectacular.

Overall, it was a weekend to remember. The fencing was fun and challenging for Ethan, with 40 boys in his age group. (In Scotland, he rarely has more than 15 in his age group at competitions) It encouraged him to travel to more events next year and we are hoping that they will be in towns as lovely as Cambridge!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Halloween 2010

Charlie is a Stormtrooper, Ethan a rugby player and Christopher a bandit. (Ethan is looks hesitant, don't you think?? - he's grown out of this tradition but dressed up for a party) We went to a neighbourhood party and then did a small amount of trick or treating. In Scotland, you go in the house and the children tell a joke, sing a song or say a poem to entertain the homeowners. Charlie made up a new joke at every house and he had the adults in stitches! Wish I'd had a video camera. Happy Halloween!

Fall Break

We had an unusual fall break this year with everyone going in different directions. Scott was traveling for work, Ethan went to York on a school music tour, Christopher went to Elie in Fife with a friend and Charlie and I held down the fort in Glasgow.

Ethan's music tour included a performance in York Minster. Once in a lifetime! Oh how I wish I was invited to see this.

I have no pictures to make this post more interesting.But everyone had a fantastic time and it was nice to have a break.

Fresh Air

This dear green place is so delightful when the weather is nice. We recently went for a family ride through the forest and boy was it beautiful. The forest service does a great job of maintaining farm tracks for public use. There are countless areas to go for a ride.

Autumn was in the air and even though we were only 45 minutes from home, we might as well have been worlds away.

*This is Scott 2 months post knee surgery. Wahoo!