Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Clan Nicol

While the boys and I were in the USA this summer, Scott decided to do a little exploring. He'd recently learned that the Nicol Clan originated in the NW islands off the coast of Scotland; a place called the Outer Hebrides. It's remote, and a bit of a challenge to get to. But it was worth it and he did it on crutches!

As you can see from the pictures (which Scott says do not do the islands justice), the scenery is stunning. The beaches are wide, the ocean is clear, the grass is so vividly green and the houses/villages few and far between.

Scott spent a long weekend driving around, taking in the sites, visiting with his pub mates and he also stopped in at the Nicolson Institute. Because this trip was last minute, he'd not done any research on his family tree and therefore did not find out much information about his specific family. Nevertheless, I think he enjoyed the time away and this is a part of Scotland that he highly recommends.

For more info on the Nicol Clan, see the following: