Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Kindergarten Graduation

Yesterday was Charlie's Kindergarten Graduation. Whew, what a big step for all of us!

It was such a sweet morning complete with summer holiday songs and rosy cheeks. Charlie was confused by the "pomp and circumstance" but certainly knows what a big deal it is to be going to P1 next year. Big stuff. "Real" school. Big Boy uniforms. Reading, writing, arithmetic, sitting still. Lord help us!

Last Thursday, each of the boys spent a little time in their new classrooms with their teachers for next year. Ethan's age group was shuffled so he has new and old friends in his class. And he is entering the Transitus year. The one year between prep school and senior school! YIKES. Christopher's classmates are all the same but he seemed excited about his new homework assigning P4 teacher. And Charlie has most of the children from his nursery and kindergarten years in his class (12 out of 13) and a lovely young, energetic teacher!

Charlie and his pal, Sol.

School finishes tomorrow and it can not come soon enough! We're not used to going to school until the end of June. It feels like torture! Thankfully the sun is shining, it's nice and warm and we can enjoy a little celebration with friends tomorrow afternoon.