Monday, 26 May 2008

Garden Party

The sun has been shining so much that we just had to go out and buy a BBQ Grill and patio furniture. We purchased the furniture a few weeks ago after many warnings that doing so would change the weather. Our friends and neighbors all said, "don't bother, summer's over", "If you buy it, the weather will change back to cold and rainy!" and many more encouraging statements. We were not deterred!

Did it rain and turn cold as soon as we'd bought it? Yes, on the way home. But it didn't last and now when it's slightly sunny, we are outside in the garden soaking up the Vitamin D! And the grill, well, we were just hungry for some good ole' Texas BBQ. We've now been able to use it a couple of times and steak, grilled chicken, and hamburgers have never tasted better.

Yesterday, as we were outside enjoying the sunshine and the patio furniture, our neighbors joined us and before long, we'd turned the gathering into an impromptu Garden Party! Yummy nibbles, cold beverages and good friends and conversations were all in attendance! After a curry for dinner (ordered by our friend Pippa's father who you will remember lives next door); we challenged everyone to a Wii showdown.

Once again, good old fashioned fun was had by all!