Saturday, 15 August 2009


I've been following this amazing young woman's ministry for about a year and am constantly inspired and in awe. If you read one thing today, make it this blog!

Climb, Skywalk, Jump and Mini Golf

On Davis' last day in Glasgow, we headed over to Xscape, our local indoor playground. It is a huge mall-like building with a ski slope, a movie theatre, a soccer pitch, bowling alley, laser station, arcade, mini-golf, climbing wall and skypark, shops, and multiple restaurants inside. They've figured out what to do when it's raining here.

We'd previewed the scene on Monday while birthday shopping for Scott and the bigger boys wanted to try the sky park and climbing wall. And Charlie wanted to play mini-golf.

The sky park is a suspended obstacle course where you can travel around high in the sky while harnessed in for safety. Ethan, Davis and Christopher LOVED it. Davis is climbs like spiderman and they each completed the jump at the end.

Jane played mini-golf with Charlie where he scored a hole in one and a par 2 on a few of the holes. It was a very fun way to spend their last day in Glasgow. Thanks to Grandma for bringing your camera along!