Thursday, 26 June 2008

Sports Day and TGA Highland Games

During the last week of school, all three boys participated in the school sponsored Sports Day (Field Day) and the PTA sponsored Highland Games. The Sports Day included formal competitions in a variety of track and field events. The Highland Games included the not so formal competitions like Haggis Hurling (to which our boys said no way!), Wellie Toss, and Tug of War. The Highland Games also included activities like a bounce house, a military obstacle course and a Beat the Goalie Game.

The Sports Day was so organized that all of the Prep School competed at the same time on the same field. This would have been great if I had three heads but since Scott was out of town and I was trying to catch all three boys' events, this was not a particularly fun outing for me! The boys had a nice time and it was a beautiful day so I should not complain!

The Highland Games were much more relaxed but a little less organized so there was a different feel to the day. It is also less competitive as the children were divided into their school houses and therefore are competing in groups which also helps it to feel more relaxed! Christopher did score third for his age group in the Wellie Toss! Go Little American Boy!

School's Out 4 Summer

School finally finished for our boys yesterday! We've been counting down and now the holiday is here! Check out the picture of the boys from their last day of school. I've posted the first day photo again just for comparison!

Ethan had his friends Michael and Chris over for a sleepover and so we've been counting down for that as well!

The boys enjoyed the diet coke/mentos explosion trick, a water gun fight, movies and a Wii tournament.

Scott had been on a business trip for 10 days and returned yesterday as well, so that made everything that much sweeter!

The weather has turned cold and rainy but we are not going to let that get us down!

Hope your summer is splendid!

Saturday, 21 June 2008

First Day of Summer

Today is the first day of summer and when you are this far North, you can really see the difference in light!

The sun rose at 4:30am and the weather channel says it will set at 10:06; but if today is relatively clear, that will be more like 11:30pm!

It makes the evenings so long that you can really accomplish anything you'd like! Our only problem is getting the boys to bed on time since they are still in school! Only 2 more days and then we can be a little more flexible.

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful, lazy summer so far!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Backyard Boy BBQ and Campout!

Well, Scott and I have had some bug that makes you feel like a train wrecked on your body. Scott was affected all last week and then I caught it in time for the weekend.

Scott, Ethan and Christopher had been invited to a camp out with a few other dads and boys on Friday night but Scott was still not 100% so he decided it was best not to go. (one of the side effects is severe back pain and that usually does not fair well, while sleeping in a tent) Needless-to-say, the boys were devastated.

So on Saturday, the weather was gorgeous and so with Scott feeling better, they planned a backyard camp out/BBQ. Even though it was not with their buddies, they boys were thrilled. After an afternoon birthday party, they (all 4 of my boys) arrived home with groceries and started setting up the tents! They picked their square of grass and staked their claim! Scott grilled steaks, sausages and corn and then they cooked smores on the BBQ. Our friend and neighbor Jessica joined in for "tea"; as dinner is called.

I made it downstairs just to deliver the camera and see the campsite for myself. The boys were SO happy! They had a great night (good weather thank goodness) and talked about all the next day! Once again, good ole fashioned fun for the Nicol Clan!

I am on the mend and only hoping they will let me join the fun next time. Or maybe I'll just enjoy the peace and quiet in my comfy bed until I am invited to camp out!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Fencing Competition Photos

Ethan had the opportunity this past weekend to gain experience in an "International Fencing Competition"! One of his fencing coaches has grandchildren that fence in Italy and their team was coming to Scotland to compete. They phoned him to see if he could bring along any of the young (or better still - new to fencing) team members. Ethan was happy to go along and so after 4 practices, Ethan fenced 6 or 7 times in competition.

I was busy with Christopher and Charlie in Glasgow (the event was an hour from here) and so I was not able to see first hand; but Scott said he held his own and had a great time. It was great chance for him to have one on one coaching and to get over any fears about what a competition might be like. Ethan won 2 of his fences and said his greatest opponent was a "wee" Italian girl!!!! All of his competitors had at least a couple of years under their belt and the Italians practice 3 times a week instead of one! Go Ethan!

He tried a new weapon called the Epee (a different type of sword) and was able to strike his opponents anywhere on their body. With the Foil, the only sword he'd used until that day, you can only strike on the torso. We are all learning so much about the sport and of course his brothers are always willing to practice fencing with him!