Monday, 3 November 2008

Truth about costumes

This post is a little belated but as I told this story out loud on Sunday, I realized, it's much more funny and truthful about our Halloween experience and costumes this year.

I had decided months ago that we could come up with/recycle our garb to create fantastic costumes this year and that we did not need to buy any. Ethan, being the planner that he is, had his sorted in no time. Skulduggery Pleasant was created with from his closet and face paint from the pound store. (Well, they didn't actually have white paint for the skull part so I just used my handy dandy white Origins mask. He said it didn't sting or hurt so all was good!)

Christopher just kept going back and forth about what he wanted to be. Skater Dude, American Football Player, Ninja, Karate Guy......we seemed to have all of the gear needed, we just needed him to decide.

And Charlie, he just wanted to be the same thing he was last year. Lightening McQueen's Pit Crew. Thank goodness he is our third child because I am not sure that I would have let Ethan be the same thing twice in a row. "Come on. Let's use our imagination." but with Charlie, I was thinking, "great, that is SORTED!" Well, that was until on Wednesday before Halloween on Friday that he decided he wanted to be the Gruffalo. You might be thinking, the who? The Gruffalo. He's our favorite storybook monster with purple prickles on his back, green wart on the end of his nose, terrible teeth in his terrible jaws, scary claws and much more! I was thinking, that's a terrific idea Charlie, I just wish mommy had known about it a little earlier. So I didn't say much and just started looking around the house at what we might have to create this costume. When I asked my neighbor about the purple prickles, she said Charlie told her a week ago about the Gruffalo. What? Well, you could have told me!!!

So by noon on Friday, I'd just about figured out the Last Minute Gruffalo. I went ahead and sent Charlie with his Pit Crew costume to school for his party there and when I went to pick him up at lunch time, guess what? He was in the Pit Crew costume and he said, "I'm going to wear this tonight because it makes me fast!" WHEW! No running to the store for bits and bobs to finish the Gruffalo. Sweet words to this non-creative mommy! And a happy Pit Crew boy he was.

Now back to Christopher. He decided after a few tears and costume changes that the Skater Dude was his best choice! He decided at 5:29 pm before our 5:30pm party! Sweet boy. He really is a skater dude at heart!

Next year, this mommy will do a little more pre-planning!