Friday, 14 August 2009


I am having blogging troubles. I used to be able to manipulate the pictures once I uploaded them to the posting. Now, I have very restricted movement of the pictures and therefore can not place them where they need to be in relation to the text. So, please bare with me while I enter the world of blogging forums......

At least it's a rainy day.

National Museum of Flight

Last Tuesday, while Grandma Nicol and Davis were still here, we popped over to the National Museum of Flight in North Berwick. We'd intended to head to a beach that day but the weather was rubbish so the Museum of Flight it was.

We were not disappointed. Located in an old airfield, the hangers are filled with machines of flight from every era. Like most museums in Scotland, everything was hands on and the boys loved checking out all the parts of the different plane. We saw military planes, civil planes and even the Concorde! One of the hangers houses a complete interactive gallery designed to teach us the mechanics of flight. It was brilliant.


I thought that I'd paid my dues living in the same house with my STINKY brothers for all of those years.

Apparently not. God has such a terrific sense of humor.

This is what I now hear in the car on a daily basis.

"Whoever smelt it, dealt it."
"Whoever said the rhyme, did the crime."

And we'll just say that the reason they say these statements is far worse than the words!

And we haven't even hit the EXTREMELY STINKY teenage years. Lord help me.