Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Blessings from Meadowknoll Drive

Last Tuesday, I was driving through town with Charlie in the car and we were blocks from the boys' school and only a mile from our house when low and behold, guess who we spotted taking photographs of the Kelvingrove Museum???

Our next door neighbors from Dallas, the Dowlings: Michael, Melissa and Katherine. I performed a very illegal U-turn and rolled down the window to surprise them! We were all shocked!

They did not realize that we still lived here (somehow I left them off our change of address card list this spring - so sorry!) and of course we did not know that Melissa would be attending a conference at Glasgow University. What a bonus and a blessing for our week!

We toured the St. Mungo Museum and Necropolis on Wednesday afternoon then picked the boys up from school. They came for dinner and margaritas and we laughed and chatted and caught up on so many things. (Poor Scott was entertaining a group of businessmen at a restaurant and he missed all the fun!) Michael and Katherine brought a gift of a "trebuchet" kit for the boys and it was a huge hit! We worked so hard to build that thing after dinner, determined to see things fly through the air.

On Thursday, Michael, Katherine and I went to the Burrell and Pollok Park while Melissa was at the conference and the boys were at school. It was pouring rain so it was nice to be inside.

The Dowlings were great neighbors, they are great friends and we miss seeing them on a regular basis. Micheal, Melissa and Katherine, thank you for spending part of your holiday with us! We loved seeing you and will look forward to seeing you again sooner rather than later!