Monday, 10 May 2010

Isle of Skye

Life is so good. Amid the everyday chaos of life, we continue to be blessed by beautiful places to visit and time spent with friends. We are trying to seize every opportunity.

There was a bank holiday last Monday and so we spent the long weekend in Skye with our dear friends the Sarvesvarans. Katy booked a self catering house, we loaded the bikes and plenty of food and off we went. It was glorious. Fantastic weather, fabulous scenery, and tons of fresh air. The perfect weekend.

View from the house. Picture at top is a view from the beach back up to the house.

We spent lots of time back here; behind the house. The owners were clearing the land and it was a little (and big) boy haven. Fallen trees, sticks, fire pits, and axe. Ahhh.

The dads pondering the best way to build the fire.

While they pondered, Katy and I went for a walk. Guess what evidence we found on my camera when we returned?? The pics below of our mostly unsupervised children.

An 11 year old with an axe and small children looking on....

A danger sign with Ethan S close by....

Fallen trees, no problem. They beckon to be conquered.

Unattended fires. Perfect for preschoolers.

Dens with "who-knows-what" living inside! Score!!!

Ahhhhh....we returned from our walk and the men folk reappeared!

We explored a bit of the island and were treated to magical vistas around every turn.

And the farm animals we never tired of seeing.....

A local woman gave us the hint to check out this trek. It was fantastic!

Creeks to jump over and crevices to climb into......

Rivers and rocks to climb and swim.

Wellies and wetsuits......gotta love it!

By this point in the afternoon, Christopher was frozen and very sensibly wrapped in a towel snuggled up on a warm rock!

It was a brilliant weekend with even more brilliant friends!