Thursday, 19 May 2011


As the mother of three boys, I am always aware that I am one step away from a social services phone call. For example, this week, we have been to the ER 3 times. Twice for Christopher and once for Charlie. Looking over my shoulder as I type this!

Christopher ran into a poll while looking behind him last Thursday at school. The school nurse phoned and said that although his vitals were fine, she thought I should take him to the ER. And so we did. Wee brave soul. I've NEVER seen a bump like the one on his forehead. I forgot to take a photo of him (which I am sure he is thankful for) and the bump subsided within 36 hours. Mild concussion, discharged.

Then Monday night, Charlie was playing just before bath time and fell and busted his eye open. I was on my way to a meeting when Ethan called and said, "Mom, you need to turn around. Charlie's had an accident, there is blood everywhere and Dad doesn't know where the hospital is!" And so, back to the Children's hospital we go. Another wee brave soul. Glued back together in no time. All while his big brothers rallied around his hospital bed.

Then Wednesday morning, Chris and I headed back to the ER because he's continued to have dizziness and headaches. And although, I figured it was just the lingering effects of his mild concussion; I selfishly did not want to be "that mom" that does not take her child and something horrible is wrong. None of us do, do we? Anyway, he is fine. Just taking it easy and wearing his "mild concussion" badge with honour.

Meanwhile, Ethan is in the middle of S1 exams and we are trying to keep things as normal and gentle as possible around here!

I'll be glad when this week is over.