Friday, 25 December 2009

Stranded in NYC

We'd planned on spending our 8 hour Newark layover in NYC but had a weather induced extension! When we fly to the states from Glasgow, we prefer the Newark route on our way south. We knew they'd canceled the mid-day flight to Dallas and so had planned to spend our 8 hour layover in the city. Seeing the sights at Christmastime. Quickly. What a treat.
Well, when we arrived at the Glasgow airport, we were told that our connecting flight to Dallas was canceled and that we'd need to spend the night somewhere and be back at the airport for a 6:45 am flight. Snowstorm. Big One. We had not checked the weather. Alrighty then! We googled hotels close to Newark and 2 came up with availability - the Days Inn and the W. I'm not too good to stay at the Days Inn but it is Christmas and well, we opted for the W. Boy am I glad we did!

The W Hoboken sits right on the Hudson, overlooking Manhattan. Bliss. Pure Bliss. We checked in, checked out this cool hotel and then headed into the city before we became too tired! The city was bustling. It was jam packed. It was cold, the snow was falling the the Christmas lights and decorations were all around. Really, what a treat. We didn't stay very long but were able to give the kids a taste of this glorious city at this wonderful time of the year. We saw the Rockefeller Christmas Tree, Skating Rink, Radio City Music Hall and all the people.

We look forward to taking our family back to this fabulous city soon. Merry Christmas to all!