Monday, 20 April 2009

Ski Camp

I can not remember whether I have blogged about the skiing here in Scotland. We have not tried the "real" skiing in the mountains of Scotland but most say that it's wet, windy, icy and not that great. We still want to go. Because on the good days, with plenty of snow, it's not too far and would be a great day out! We've never lived within driving distance of a ski mountain before.

So to train for this skiing (or for your fabulous European ski breaks), there are a few dry ski slopes in the area. And an indoor ski slope like the one in Dubai. Ethan tried a ski camp this past week at the dry slope and had a ball. It was hard for me to imagine, a dry ski slope.
Basically, it's a small hill, a tow rope and some wet astro-turf! Ethan said it's slower than real snow skiing but that it was still fun. The slope he went to had 2 hills. One for downhill and lessons and another for jumping. Ethan spent the majority of his time on the jump hill. I'm sorry I did not take my camera earlier in the week because I only took pictures of him goofing off on the downhill slope! Anyway, you can get the idea.

And guess what, when the skiers are not on the jump course, the tubes are. The boys had a chance to tube on Friday and what a laugh! They were all screaming in delight! My friends have done nights out tubing here in the past. I am definitely in for that!

Angus Vs. the Woolly Mammoth

We interrupt this program to warn you about the behaviour of one mental kitty!

I think our stuffed animals torment Angus when we are away. Because when we are home, especially in the evenings, Angus gets his revenge. He's really aggressive to a tiny monkey and this poor Woolly Mammoth.

"I've got him now..."

"Just wait until I have my way with him..."

"I think that last bite did the trick!"


Easter weekend was so relaxing this year. We attended church a few times, BBQed, went to Wagamama, decorated and hid eggs, played outside, watched some movies and read a few books.

The weather was spectacular and Scott had off Friday and Monday so we just had a swell time! Hope you did too!