Monday, 29 September 2008

Hanging Out with Angus

This little kitten has quickly adjusted to our noisy, busy house! He is super friendly, frisky and fun! We love him so much already and he loves to cuddle and follow us around.

He is still loving Scott a little more than Scott loves him!

Charlie, Ethan, Angus and I are snuggled up inside today while Scott and Christopher went mountain biking with friends. The boys had off Friday and today (bank holiday) and Charlie and Ethan are a little under the weather so we are relaxing and chilling out with Angus Kitty!


Autumn makes me a little homesick. After celebrating all of the birthdays in our family, we always move straight into Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities! Although those things are happening for us here in Glasgow, it doesn't feel quite the same. The weather here helps as far as changing the season. The leaves are turning, the air is COOL and crisp (and mostly wet) and the days are shorter. But when you've spent your whole life in one climate where the fall is a few weeks long (and warmer than most), you kind of miss it. Never thought I'd say that!

I miss feeling cold at 60 degrees on the football field early on Saturday mornings. I miss our veggie co-op and the bounty of fruits and veg our neighbors selected. I miss the Town Creek Neighborhood Halloween carnival. I miss our big yard and the work associated with it. I miss the State Fair. I miss St. Lukes and all of the Rally Day festivities. I miss Tex Mex on a lazy weekend night. And I'm sure Scott and the boys miss Sunday or Monday night football!

Of course, we are enjoying cold rugby games and it's nice to see the color on all of the trees. And we look forward to Halloween here with our neighbors. We are enjoying new autumn traditions here. And most of all, we are looking forward to a host of Autumn visitors. Grandma and Grandpa Nicol are coming in 2 weeks, followed by our dear neighbors, Rick and Terri Hawkins, and then their daughter Lauren Hawkins since she will be working in London.

I know I am rambling but just thought I'd shout out to our friends and family in the USA that we that we miss you and all of the everyday, ordinary things that we shared during the fall!