Tuesday, 29 April 2008


The weather continued to be wonderful this weekend and so we were able to get out and cycle. Scott left early Saturday morning to meet a friend from work to ride some mountain bike trails just 30 minutes from home. He had a great ride and was glad to be on his bike. Christopher went with a friend and his father to a park on the southside of Glasgow to "ride the trails". Christopher had been with Scott before to this specific park but had stayed on the green trails. This time, he tried the red ones and has not stopped talking about them since!

We we picked up Christopher in the afternoon and Scott had a chance to meet this dad (whom I'd met previously at a few birthday parties), they immediately hit it off and planned a road ride for the next morning. They left early Sunday morning and rode from Glasgow to Ayr (about 40 miles) on the small farm roads admiring the views. Scott said it was fantastic!

I then had a chance Sunday evening to ride the Forth and Clyde Canal (which we'd tried with the boys) and therefore was able to not feel left out!

Most importantly, I am excited because Scott has been able to meet these friends and to find some guys to ride with. I take it for granted that it is easier for me to meet friends at school with the boys.

This weekend, Ethan is off to a birthday party bike trip around Loch Katrine just north of here! Scott is going as well to "help out" and meet the other dads.

We're lovin it!