Monday, 8 September 2008

Rugby 101

It's a good thing our boys' brain's are young so they can remember all of the rules of all of the new sports we are playing!

Ethan had his first rugby match last weekend and it was so fun to watch. I only wish I knew the rules so I could cheer appropriately! He played last year with the school but only had matches during practice against his school mates. This year they compete against the other private schools. We went to Edinburgh to play George Heriots. (that's the Edinburgh Castle in the backdrop!)

Ethan had fun even though the other team scored a few more tries than we did. It is a very tough sport! We look forward to learning the rules and to watching Ethan play!

September 4th

We couldn't pass up one more opportunity for birthday cake so on Christopher's actual birthday we enjoyed a little more celebration! He had a great day at school and shared tea cakes with his classmates! Happy Birthday sweet boy!