Monday, 15 March 2010

St. Andrews

As hundreds of thousands of spectators begin to book holidays to attend this year's British Open Golf Championship in St. Andrews, Scotland, we took advantage of the fact that it's only 2 hours away; we packed our bags before the summer crowds and last weekend, we enjoyed a getaway to this delightful little town. Our boys remembered a day trip we'd taken to "a beach with very high dunes" (St. Andrews) and requested that we take a quick trip there again. And so we did, and it did not disappoint.

The village is as quaint as can be, the beach is huge with tall dunes and wide open space, and the wind was perfect to fly our kites. It was nice to just be together and have a little down time. And it reminded us of the blessing of living in this beautiful country with access to so many historical and brilliant locales!

And on our way home, we drove to Anstruther for their famous Fish and Chips. Again, we were not disappointed!