Wednesday, 15 April 2009


The Scots love to talk about the weather. It's pretty funny because for the most part, it's always the same. Cold, wet and gray. But for the past month, while we've been enjoying our new digs, we've also been enjoying unusually beautiful, dry weather in Glasgow. It's like spring in Texas except maybe a little cooler. And when the weather is good here, everyone is out enjoying it!

We've had lots of sunshine, loads of dry days, and lighter evenings with the time change. So I am going to share the blame with the weather for the reason that I've not been inside on the computer! We have been outside as much as possible. These are a few of the things we do when we are outside:

Racing down the hill on skateboards, bikes, and sleds on top of skateboards (this just about gave Mims a heart attack!)

We also like to set up obstacles and ramp over them in the backyard!
And give the boys a wheelbarrow and they'll turn it into a ride as well!
Hours of entertainment.
Life is GOOD!