Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Playing in the Sand

On one of Scott's day's off in Dubai, we took a Desert Safari to "ride the dunes!" We rode them in a Chevy Tahoe, on camels and the boys took a ride on a sand board. It was a great day with lots of shrieks and laughter from the thrills.

In 2000, when Scott and I were in Dubai for a meeting, we went on a Desert Safari with about 50 of his colleagues. We rode the dunes in a Land Cruiser, rode camels and had a traditional meal under tents that night. At the time, we were flabbergasted that we were not made to sign release forms for the Land Cruiser drive. The dunes seemed huge and there were times that I just knew we were going to flip over.

This time, we had to sign a whole folder of forms and the dunes did not seem quite as big. Things have changed in the big city!

While we were in the Tahoe, Charlie was laughing so hard from the roller coaster like ride that the driver had to stop because he was laughing at Charlie. It was hilarious!

This is the Tahoe that was following us.

These guys were smelly. The best part of the ride is getting on and getting off. Man, they are tall.

Looking like a pro.

Have you ever seen such determination? And what a SMILE. Melts my heart.

The unconventional way down might be the most fun. Charlie seemed to think so.

Look at that form!

This was such a fun day and let me tell you, by noon, it's HOT in the DESERT! I have a new appreciation for the rain in Glasgow.