Tuesday, 12 October 2010

California or Bust

Three weeks in the Texas heat was just about all we could stand! So mid-July, we packed our bags and boarded the plane in search of cooler mountain air. Mims and Gramps joined us on this journey and boy did I appreciate the extra sets of hands. (Scott was still in Scotland .)

We enjoyed a relaxing week in Mammoth, slowly adjusting to the altitude. We took it easy and just enjoyed the temperature drop and all of the activities that we adore. Mountain Biking, Skate Park, Fishing, Kayaking, Hiking, Walking, Eating and Sleeping! Did I tell you that we LOVE Mammoth? Because we do.

We took an excursion to the Ghost Town of Bodie; something we'd never done after all of these years in Mammoth. It was HOT in the valley but it was so cool to see. Bodie is an old mining town in "arrested decay." The town boomed during the Gold Rush in the late 1870's and then slowly declined after the miners left for other booming towns. Only a small section of the original town remains but the California Parks Department has done a fantastic job preserving the integrity of what's left. The boys loved it and truly felt like they were in the WILD WILD WEST. If you are ever in the area of Yosemite, Bodie is worth the excursion. Check out the websites below for more information.



And check out these cowboys and Mims:

Seriously, can you hear their "chat?" I love the stance, the admiration and then the collaboration as Ethan and Christopher walk down this deserted street. Look out Ghost Town, the sheriff and his deputy have arrived!

A few days later, we wasted no time getting our family over to Rock Creek for some "Pie In the Sky" and a hike up to Heart Lake. LOVE it! Wish I had pictures of the pre-hike pie. We were too busy putting it in our mouths! Here's an old link for pictures from the Pie in the Sky Place if you are curious.


California, oh how we adore you.....