Monday, 13 October 2008


I have friends (that I will not name here) that will not allow their children to have weapons at home. I respect and understand this. Having three boys, I can appreciate why even pretend weapons can be dangerous!

Well, today as we raked the yard and made a pile of leaves, Ethan and Christopher came up with a very clever weapon. A trash bag full of leaves. I went inside to answer the phone and came back out to comic relief.

Before I could see them, I could hear them and their deep belly laughs. Then I rounded the corner to find Christopher in his motorcross full face mask helmet with Ethan swinging the said bag of wet leaves. It was aimed at Christopher's head. I was there just in time to see the impact. It knocked him down. Scary and hilarious. They both were laughing so hard that I could do nothing but laugh with them.

I love how little boys can entertain themselves! Life is GOOD!

Charlie will be dissappointed he was napping!

Mugdock Country Park

On Saturday, we took our boys and our friends Roddy and Lewis for lunch and an afternoon out in the park. The weather was fantastic and we needed to take advantage of it. Mugdock is a country park just 15 minutes from here and it has everything we needed for fun. Cafe for lunch, play park, obstacle course through the woods, large green spaces to run and throw the balls around, a castle, rocks to climb on and a stream to push your brothers into!
So fun. It was super muddy from all of the EXTRA rain we've had but that made it even better for the boys!

After all of the mud and fun, we headed home for a warm bath and a Texas BBQ with Roddy, Lewis and their parents Yvonne and Alex! GREAT DAY! We are thankful for friends and a little sunshine!