Thursday, 16 July 2009

Even One More Cousin!

Guess what else happened today??

Cousin Janice popped over from Berlin for a visit! She has an internship there this month.

Now, I am a planner. (Janice is a planner too.) But spontaneous visits from fun cousins must always be part of the plan. So when Janice emailed yesterday to see if she could possibly come this weekend, we said, heck yea! Come on over! I know these sort of weekends (or plans) always turn out to the be the best ones ever. What a treat to have 3 cousins here for the weekend.

Janice is in Graduate School in Austin and we were able to catch up with her in Mammoth last summer. And we love having her here in our home. She is a delight. A breath of fresh air. I don't know what I am going to do when she and Ashleigh leave.

While trying to keep Davis awake today, we picked up Janice at the airport and then headed to Pollok Park. This is another one of our favorite local attractions. It has a fantastic museum, stunning grounds, Highland Cows, a formal garden with a maze, a river, a playpark, a cafe, bike trails and much more. We spent a few hours there and then met Scott at home for Indian take away! What a fantastic day.

Janice is studying landscape architecture so when Christopher and Charlie chased her through the formal garden, she was thrilled. She said it was so nice to see the gardens being used. Our boys love a good game of chase here and she was up for the task!!!


"I never mixed my Playdoh when I was a little girl," says Ashleigh after she opens every pot looking for a simple true color. Oh Ashleigh, how I could have guessed this experience was going to be disturbing for you!

As the firstborn of 3 girls, I'm sure there will be many disturbing discoveries while staying with the Nicols this week! Poor thing.
Her sense of order will never be the same and boy do I empathize! In this house full of boys, I hear ya girl!

More Cousins

That's what we are up to today! Yippee, Yahoo!!!

Cousin Davis arrived this morning and Ethan stood on the corner for 45 minutes waiting for Scott to bring him home from the airport. Davis is tired but great and we are so glad to have him here for 3 weeks! He flew all by himself, brave boy!

Here is Ethan entertaining himself while waiting and peering down to the end of the street for Scott's car. He should have just gotten up to go to the airport!

We're up to more cousin fun this afternoon so stay tuned.