Monday, 7 April 2008

A Few Evenings Out

Last weekend, I attended the Prep 5 (Ethan's Grade) Mom's Night Out. It was a hoot. 35 women met at this tiny restaurant called the Cabin. The Cabin has apparently been around forever and I'm not really sure how anyone ever found it. It's located in a small neighborhood strip center with flats above and it is barely marked on the outside. Inside, there are tables crammed together to seat a total of 45 people so you can imagine what it was like to have 35 of those seats taken up by women who need to get out more often! The chatter and the laughter was out of control! There is one tiny kitchen and one tiny bathroom (the cabin is an old flat) and approx. 3 people who work there. Once the orders had been taken and the dinners served, this woman started ringing a dinner bell. She introduced herself as the singer and encouraged us all to sing along with her (as that is the Cabin way). She then proceeded to belt out bad show tunes and old songs. Now the story is that the lady that usually sings is gruff, has a terrible voice, knows it, doesn't care, and does not let you get away without joining in. Fun for all and my friends said it is a riot. This woman was so genteel and serious about her singing that she could not get us going and the harder she tried the more the giggles and chatter it produced. I really felt bad for her and for the 10 other people in the restaurant.

She was able to get a few people singing with tunes from the Sound of Music and Joesph and the Technicolor Dream Coat. I really had to laugh when she belted out "I'm So Excited" by the Pointer Sisters in her best Glaswegian accent! All in all it was a great night to meet other moms and have a good laugh. My friends kept assuring me that it was much more fun with the gruff lady but I thought it was pretty funny with the genteel one!

Then it was Ethan's turn for a night out. He was invited to a Birthday Party Disco for 3 of his Prep 5 classmates. At first he did not want to go, but when he found out most of his friends were going, he decided it might be fun. All 80 Prep 5 children were invited and I think about 60 attended. The party was at one of the Leisure Centres (gym/country club) and Ethan went with a friend then I went along later to join the other moms for a glass of wine before we picked them up. Again, it was a riot. When I first arrived (about an hour into the party) and had a peek into the disco, the genders were separated and the girls were dancing and the boys were sipping soda (and/or making soda mixtures) and watching the girls. The next time one of the moms went downstairs to check on them (there were other parents at the party), there was slow dancing! Then in the final minutes of the party everyone was dancing and having a great time! Ethan had a blast and was sore the next day from doing "the worm". I wish I had pictures.

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