Monday, 7 April 2008

Loch Ewe

Spring break is here! Yippee, Yahoo! We have 2 weeks off from school and are spending the first week off in the NW corner of Scotland in a beach house on Loch Ewe.
We drove up on Saturday winding our way through the highlands. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking. Epic. Movie Set un-real. We passed many lochs and villages each with their own flavor and we experienced all four seasons along the drive. We could see the snow capped mountains and the roads wound through the hills and along the rivers. There were sheep everywhere (of course), highland cattle, deer (large ones) and a hawk. We saw castles, sailboats, fishing boats, and B & B's in every town and loch. For much of the drive, we were on single track roads (one lane with passing turn outs) and I was constantly saying, "slow down". Poor Scott. The trip took a little over 6 hours (that's far in Scotland driving time) and we arrived in the sunshine to the tiny fishing village, Aultbea, Mellon Charles on Loch Ewe. The house we've rented is out on the far end of the peninsula in a remote setting on the water.

The house is beautiful and and the setting is unbelievable. We are 100 yards from the water on a private pebble beach looking out at the peninsula across the loch. Loch Ewe is actually a sea loch so the waves are rough and the terrain is rugged. The coast is rocky and dramatic and we've been mesmerized by the view. We have experienced all four seasons since our arrival (hail, snow, sleet, rain, sun, wind) and have taken every opportunity to get outside and play. Everything is closed on Sunday so we had a nice day at the house playing on the rocks, in the yard, and playing board games and Legos when we needed to thaw out.
The pictures will be abundant so I'll try to post a few every day! (That's snow/hail in the rock picture which ahppened while we were outside!)

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Frank said...

Would it be alright if your images were used in the Loch Ewe article on Wikipedia? The last photograph is particularly evocative, it's inclusion an incentive for editors to expand the culture section. Also, could you tell me if the wildlife in your next post (4-seasons-in-one-day) is from the sourrounding area?