Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Easter in Dunbar

We were so fortunate to be invited to join our friends, the Waddells, at their beach house in Dunbar for part of the Easter weekend. Dunbar is a beach town just about half an hour from Edinburgh on the East coast of Scotland.

The boys were out of school Friday and Monday; Scott was off work both days, so we enjoyed having that nice long weekend! The Waddells were heading to York, England Friday and Saturday so we kept their beautiful Irish Setter Apollo. It was so nice to have a dog around and we had good weather so the dog walks were pleasant!

On Saturday morning we slowly made our way East and stopped at a few beach towns and parks along the way. It was really cold and windy but so nice to be close to the sea. We then met the Waddells in time for dinner in Dunbar. Dinner was at this great restaurant in an old house and given that we were arriving with 6 little boys, they gave us a dining room all to ourselves!

Sunday morning we played on the beach before church (a first on Easter Sunday for the Nicols) and enjoyed making sand castles and collecting sea creatures and shells. The beach had rocky areas and sandy areas. The older boys wanted to get close to the water so they climbed out over the rocks to feel the sea spray.

We then enjoyed the local Episcopal church service where they'd hidden chocolate throughout the church for the 5 children (our three included) there! Weren't our boys thrilled with this tradition! And to top it off, a little chocolate cake and chocolate biscuits in the back of the church after the service!

That afternoon, after a quick Easter Egg Hunt in the house, the Waddells took us to Cove Harbor which is a wonderful secluded cove that has just 3 houses and a beautiful beach. It really was picture postcard beautiful. You have to go through a tunnel to get to the beach and there are no roads to reach these houses which makes it that much more spectacular! Ethan's goal was to see how close he could get to the break walls without getting soaked. In one picture you'll notice he's hanging on an eye-hook in the rock (I assume for boat tie up) and jumping up when the waves came in! The sea was quite rough that day but we loved the sight and sound of the waves crashing on the rocks.

We enjoyed a nice relaxing evening at their house and the boys loved being with the 3 Waddell boys. Monday included one more trip to a different beach and then we packed up to head home. It was such a great weekend and we loved every minute!

PS. It was snowing on our way home!

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