Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Lighter Note...

On Sunday night, Scott and I went to see Steve Winwood. You know, "Higher Love" and "Valerie"? Well, I really didn't have high expectations but he was playing at a very small venue (maybe 250 people) and one we had not been to before. It's called the Arches and it is literally the tunnels under the Central Train Station in the City Centre. It's fantastic. Lots of little "rooms" or tunnels and not enough room for too many people.

Well, Stevie came on and rocked the house! His music, as most of you probably already know, is fantastic. I particularly enjoyed the saxophonist since we are listening to Ethan learn his first few songs on sax.

We've been to a few other concerts in Glasgow and Glaswegians love their music. The last one we went to was Sheryl Crow and it was fun to see the uninhibited enthusiasm for the music instead of sitting still all night and clapping occasionally. Maybe I've been to boring concerts in Dallas but Sheryl was really rockin! And Steve Winwood gave us another example of just how much Glaswegians love their music. No seating. Standing room only for 3 hours. Now this wasn't exactly a thrashing on your feet concert. And we were definitely the youngest couple in the crowd. But there were a lot of happy grown ups wiggling their bums and stompin their feet to a classic! Great fun! Sore feet.

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