Monday, 29 September 2008

Hanging Out with Angus

This little kitten has quickly adjusted to our noisy, busy house! He is super friendly, frisky and fun! We love him so much already and he loves to cuddle and follow us around.

He is still loving Scott a little more than Scott loves him!

Charlie, Ethan, Angus and I are snuggled up inside today while Scott and Christopher went mountain biking with friends. The boys had off Friday and today (bank holiday) and Charlie and Ethan are a little under the weather so we are relaxing and chilling out with Angus Kitty!

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Melissa said...

Love that kitty!
I won't tell you what Trey did yesterday that brought him home all sunburned and smelling like corndogs and Turkey Legs but it rhymes with Plate Hair. :)
Your blog is so great and it looks so beautiful there!!!