Thursday, 28 August 2008

New York, New York

On our way home to Scotland, Scott need to stop in New York City for a meeting so we tagged along! The boys and I did lots of fun things in the city while Scott had his meeting then he met up with us in the evening. I'd been to NYC a few times but had somehow missed most of the main tourist attractions. It was fun to see them with the boys. We went to FAO Schwartz, Central Park Zoo and Lunch in Central Park with Marie Binder (her husband Ken is Scott's boss' boss and her son Jason worked for Scott in Dallas) and the Natural History Museum. Then we met Scott for a carriage ride through Central Park and to try out the boys' new Rip Sticks in CP! So fun, true NYC! We also squeezed in Empire State Building. And let me just tell you, if you want to splurge and buy the Fast Pass tickets for the Empire State Building, it is well worth every penny. Especially with small boys! We did not wait in one line while there and let me tell you, there were lots of them. This Fast Pass lets you skip them all and you are wisked to the top and back down, no waiting. Brilliant!

Tuesday we headed out first thing to see the Statue of Liberty then back to the Natural History Museum. This museum is where Night at the Museum was filmed and Monday when we were there with Marie, we could not get in because it was late in the day and they were closing to film Night at the Museum II! Kind of exciting to see the stars' trailers and be in the museum to think about which parts would be in the movie. Make sure that you look for the pictured red plane in the movie. Can't you see how excited Charlie is about the whole thing?

Ethan was a little disappointed that 1. we could not go to the top of the Statue of Liberty, and 2. that more of the things he remembered from the Night at the Museum movie were not in the actual museum. Poor soul, I know how he feels when something seems so big, real, exciting or whatever and then it does not meet your expectations.

We had a fantastic few days and will look forward to going back soon. We LOVE NYC! Thanks to Marie for showing us around and for an absolutely wonderful lunch!

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