Thursday, 26 June 2008

Sports Day and TGA Highland Games

During the last week of school, all three boys participated in the school sponsored Sports Day (Field Day) and the PTA sponsored Highland Games. The Sports Day included formal competitions in a variety of track and field events. The Highland Games included the not so formal competitions like Haggis Hurling (to which our boys said no way!), Wellie Toss, and Tug of War. The Highland Games also included activities like a bounce house, a military obstacle course and a Beat the Goalie Game.

The Sports Day was so organized that all of the Prep School competed at the same time on the same field. This would have been great if I had three heads but since Scott was out of town and I was trying to catch all three boys' events, this was not a particularly fun outing for me! The boys had a nice time and it was a beautiful day so I should not complain!

The Highland Games were much more relaxed but a little less organized so there was a different feel to the day. It is also less competitive as the children were divided into their school houses and therefore are competing in groups which also helps it to feel more relaxed! Christopher did score third for his age group in the Wellie Toss! Go Little American Boy!

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Linda said...

This is Linda Wallace (your Mom's cousin). We're thinking about coming to Scotland or to London during the Christmas holidays. Dianne told us that it will be very cold and wet, but our son, David, still thinks it would be great. (He went to London during the holidays once before.) He thinks there would be more for us to do in London during the winter than it would be in Scotland. James and I are both Scotish, so we always thought we wanted to go there. What do you think?