Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Fencing Competition Photos

Ethan had the opportunity this past weekend to gain experience in an "International Fencing Competition"! One of his fencing coaches has grandchildren that fence in Italy and their team was coming to Scotland to compete. They phoned him to see if he could bring along any of the young (or better still - new to fencing) team members. Ethan was happy to go along and so after 4 practices, Ethan fenced 6 or 7 times in competition.

I was busy with Christopher and Charlie in Glasgow (the event was an hour from here) and so I was not able to see first hand; but Scott said he held his own and had a great time. It was great chance for him to have one on one coaching and to get over any fears about what a competition might be like. Ethan won 2 of his fences and said his greatest opponent was a "wee" Italian girl!!!! All of his competitors had at least a couple of years under their belt and the Italians practice 3 times a week instead of one! Go Ethan!

He tried a new weapon called the Epee (a different type of sword) and was able to strike his opponents anywhere on their body. With the Foil, the only sword he'd used until that day, you can only strike on the torso. We are all learning so much about the sport and of course his brothers are always willing to practice fencing with him!

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VBB said...

Wow. Go Ethan!