Monday, 3 March 2008


When we returned from the Christmas Break, we had horrible, rainy, cold weather for about 3 weeks straight. Since then, we have experienced all kinds of weather. The sunny days give me hopes about the things we can do outdoors this spring and summer and the rainy days give us excuses to be inside sipping cocoa and reading books.

People talk about the weather constantly here and most admit to this excessive talk about it. The multiple seasons in a day remind me of Texas weather; only a slightly colder version. Today, we woke to beautiful snow on the ground and we've had flurries all morning. Unlike Dallas residents, Glaswegians seem to take it all in stride. Everyone was motoring about just like normal this morning. Even the dedicated commuting cyclists were out and about.

Now that is something that I have noticed quite a lot here. Many people cycle to work and walk their dogs in all kinds of weather. On Friday, we had 40 mile/hour winds and heavy, heavy rain but I saw many cyclists on their way home from work and many people walking their dogs.

It makes me feel lazy when I see them. I certainly didn't walk Missy enough in the good weather much less the bad weather in Texas. And I don't have the confidence on my bike to ride through this traffic and I haven't seen any children riding in the rain yet so I'm not sure how I could manage the commute to school! Nevertheless, it does make you stop and think about your Carbon Footprint.

We took advantage of the sunny weather on Saturday and went to the Edinburgh Zoo again. It was a great day and it was nice to be outside in the fresh, frigid air!

Wonder what tomorrow will be like?!?!

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