Tuesday, 23 October 2007

MacNicol instead of McNicol

Well, I owe a big thanks to Elaine at Turbocare because she set us straight about Mc vs Mac. Even though I am a FitzGerald and should have known, Mc is Irish and Mac is Scottish. So we stand corrected. I have changed everything that I can change on the blog to reflect our new Scottish name but can't figure out how to change the actual address. Maybe it will just be a friendly reminder that this is a learning experience for us all and that we are here to learn about the culture! As many of you probably know, you are not supposed to confuse the Scots, Irish and the English. Doing so may bring harm to your family!

So from now on, we are to be called the MacNicols.

Surely, some of our friends knew this as well and were just being nice by not telling!

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M, P, A, R, C said...

Learn something new everyday! Thank you for educating us. Everyone looks happy.