Monday, 22 October 2007

1st Day at Glasgow Academy

Wow! The boys did so well today! Much better than their parents. I was having typical mommy worries while Scott was having flashbacks to all of the times he started new schools when he was little. We both had tears in our eyes while Ethan eagerly joined his class for the day, Christopher was a little hesitant and Charlie couldn't get into his classroom fast enough!

Ethan had a few shadows (other boys) to show him around and after getting over the uniform realities, had a great day! His favorite parts were Break (recess) and Music (fun teacher that played scary Halloween music). His class had just finished written reports on Famous French People and some of their presentations were today. He enjoyed hearing about the man that invented Braille.

Christopher was eager to go so his uniform did not bother him like I thought it would. He also had a buddy that explained that the bathroom doors were so old they were pure "rubbish"! His highlight for the day was break time which is outdoor playtime in the concrete courtyard with a snack. He said it was so unusual that they do not have playgrounds like we have in the US but he enjoyed "skippy rope" and other fun activities with his new friends. His class (6 year olds) have no center time but instead sit at desks all day long while in the classroom! This might take some getting used to.

Charlie went with us to drop off at 9am but had to wait until the afternoon session of nursery school before he could head to his classroom. He begged from 11-1 to go to his new school. He had little patience for his mommy by this time! When we arrived, Charlie marched right into the classroom like he'd been there all year and never looked back. I had to call him twice just to get a picture of the first day in his new class. The other pictures of Charlie from the first day are from after school. His teachers (I have no idea what their names are (partially the accent but also the sheer number of people we met today)) asked me to come back after an hour and a half today just in case he didn't settle in. I really had to keep myself from laughing! I agreed even though I was really looking forward to the 3 hours only to find him reluctant to leave so soon! His teachers said he could stay longer tomorrow! His favorite part of his time today was painting.

Scott went to the office today to take care of some personal business (setting up phone, cable, broadband) and also to touch base with his new co-workers. I think he really just needed to get away! Can you blame him?? I need an office.

Really, the first day of school was terrific and we are all thankful to get back into a routine.

We are moving to our new home tomorrow and are so excited about being out of this tiny hotel! The staff sure enjoyed the boys this morning at breakfast in their uniforms.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. Until later, one grateful and proud mum


Terri said...

What a great day for all. I LOVE the uniforms -- the boys look so grown up! Your wonderful description made us laugh & cry all at the same time. We miss knowing you are over there on east Meadowknoll! Can't wait to read the next blog. Hugs to all,
Terri, Rick & lauren

Molly said...

We are so happy to see your pics and read about your adventures. The kids think mom is weird for getting teary when I look at your sweet family in photos. It looks like you're off to a great start! You're in our prayers, and we hope it just gets better and better. Scotland is lucky to have you! much love, Molly