Friday, 15 October 2010

On the Road Again

3 days after Scott's surgery, with Scott loaded up on pain killers and stretched out on the back seat, we hit the road for Mammoth Lakes. Scott was anxious to get there. To see the boys. To smell the air. And to begin his recovery. We could think of no better place.

And so it was, for the next 2 weeks. R & R at it's best. In our favourite place, together and forced to be relatively still.

We fished, watched the boys at the skate park, flew kites, hit golf balls, built fires, mountain biked, kayaked, celebrated birthdays, climbed rocks and relaxed. Really relaxed. We also had the chance to see a bit of extended family. Mims' cousin Linda and her husband James (all the way from Louisiana) and Scott's cousins Judy, Larry, John and Wayne, Christine, Brady and Brooke.

Scott began his physical therapy with a fantastic physiotherapy team in Mammoth. I was constantly amazed at his lack of complaint. Man did his exercises look sore!

It was a fantastic vacation and we are truly grateful for that time together.

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