Thursday, 12 November 2009


Or no pants. Underwear to you and me (if you are reading this from America).

In every souvenir shop in Scotland, there is a postcard of a man in a kilt, gently lifted by a breeze, and he is sans pants. Yep. Bare Bottomed.

So far, we have had little experience with kilts, and I haven't fully investigated the truth of the matter. I'm not really sure how I would have approached the investigation. Do Scotsmen wear pants under their kilts?

Well, tonight we found out. The Glasgow Academy held a charity fund-raising fashion show, with pupils from the prep and senior schools modeling clothes from local shops. One of the local kilt makers donated clothes to model and the senior 6 boys let us know what was underneath their kilts! One of the boys mooned us at the end of the runway and two of the boys mooned us as they exited the stage. Oh My! It was HILARIOUS. I wish you could have seen Charlie's face.

So now you know. Kilts with no pants. Scots Style. Just in case you were wondering!

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