Monday, 21 September 2009

Tartan Night Out

One of life's greatest blessings is a trustworthy, fun, kind, mature babysitter. We've been blessed many times.

In Dallas, we had a few regulars. One of these was Kimberly. She moved to London shortly before we moved to Scotland and it's fun to keep in touch on this side of the pond. We email back and forth and chat about the little things we miss and the things that annoy us here. Kimberly came for a quick visit a few weeks ago and it was if no time had passed. It was great to see her, and Kimberly, we thank you for taking the time to stop in Glasgow!
And in Scotland, we've been lucky enough to have a wonderful child-minder (as they are called). Once a week, Scott and I have a quiet dinner sans children and the boys get time with Gemma. They look forward to it each week and so do we.

Gemma planned a night out for the boys' birthday. She booked a table for dinner and let me know when she'd be here to pick them up. They were so excited and readily agreed to put on a button down shirt and clean themselves up a bit. Don't you wonder about Charlie's outfit?? I'm not sure Ethan would have been allowed out of the house like that but I'd like to think, I've relaxed a bit in the last 5 years.

The boys had a blast and Scott and I enjoyed dinner at home sans children, a first for our time in Scotland! Here's to more tartan nights out!

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