Wednesday, 16 September 2009

La Manga

I've just returned from a long weekend in La Manga, Spain with my girlfriends. It was perfect in every way. We were 16 women, mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, and we enjoyed our time chilaxin in the sunshine. Some are golfers, some are tennis players, some runners, some spa goers, some shade seekers, some funny, some partiers, some observers, but most of all, we were a diverse group all seeking a weekend away from the normal day to day.
There was not a time in the weekend that I wasn't doing exactly what I wanted and needed to be doing right then and there.

La Manga is an old Hyatt resort in the hills above Cartegena, Spain. It's not a cultural destination and really, there is nothing Spanish about it. But it suited our needs and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

The boys had a ball in Glasgow with their dad and they spent parts of the weekend hangin' out with the other La Manga families. All were alive (even the cat) and well fed when I returned Monday night.

Above is a picture of the group upon arrival. The stranger that took it did not notice the big plant in the way! Cheers to the La Manga girls for a fabulous weekend! Looking forward to next year!

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