Monday, 28 September 2009


A few weeks ago I went to the Coldplay concert with a few girlfriends and had a ball. The weather was decent, the music was brilliant and the company was terrific.

One of the things that cracked me up was the drink distribution. I'd never seen the beer keg backpacks before and had to laugh at the inefficiency of their use in a crowd of 40,000 people. The beer queue was 1 hour long. And there must have been 40 guys with these backpacks on. Have you seen these things?? Seems like a regular tap at the concession stand would work better. But they didn't ask me.

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Ron said...

Wow! Amazing that these kids have grown up so much. Hope you guys are doing well. I finally got around to looking at your blog. Very nice. It seems like a good way to keep everyone up to date without too many emails and such.

I stayed in Scotland for about 6 weeks just before I moved to Texas. I was in a place along the Firth of Clyde called Skilmorlie. It was a terrific time. Weekends were spent searching out the castles and the distilleries.

Sorry we have been so out of touch. We'll try better.

Ron and Jackie Taylor