Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Stirling Castle

On Friday we visited Stirling Castle and the antique shops close by. Stirling Castle has a tremendous history and we always learn something new when we visit. It's much smaller than Edinburgh Castle and much less crowded. But just like Edinburgh Castle, the views are magnificent!
Davis said he liked Stirling Castle because the rooms are more accessible. We saw the kitchen, the great hall, the chapel and the war museum. And just like the Culzean Castle, the staff hid army men (Lego men at CC) in the cases in the War Museum. Charlie loved finding all 8. Jane has mentioned a few times how child friendly the Scottish museum and historic sites are. We take it for granted now but it really is amazing. They make every effort to have the sites and museums user friendly. And that goes along way with 4 little boys!
The King and Queen's seat in the Great Hall.
This gentleman gave us a history lesson about his weapons. He also told the boys how their wives would have been chosen back in the day. He said that it would be better if she had black teeth (evidence of access to sugar (therefore wealthy)) and that she was a little chubby (she would make it through the winter!). Nice, real nice. Oh to be so valued!
Did I mention how happy we are to have Grandma here??

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