Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Sailing Camp

After our big sailing trip to Croatia this summer, Scott was thrilled to have a few budding sailors in our family. Christopher was invited to a sailing camp with a friend last week and he was very keen to go. James Hamilton Park is a local man made loch great facilities for learning many different water sports. The camp was all day for 4 days and he LOVED it.

I am a fair weather sailor but Christopher proved to his daddy that he can handle the worst of it. It rained and rained all week long! The water was freezing and the wind was whipping, but that didn't deter him! The instructor was very relaxed with this group of 8 newbies and allowed them to gather their own equipment from the shed as well as to put the boats together by themselves. I was amazed at the things these kiddos were able to do. On the last day, the weather was a bit better and the children were tested on some of their new skills. All week, Christopher had been telling me how much fun it was to capsize. He loved it and since they were in pairs, he thought there was nothing more fun than turning his boat over with his buddy. During the test, they had to capsize their boats all by themselves and then right side them. Despite being a feather weight, his practice payed off. He passed with flying colors.

Christopher had a ball and made a few new friends. Check out his smile! Looking forward to our next sailing adventure!

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