Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Guess who arrived in Glasgow today??

Cousin Ashleigh! Man are we excited to have her here. Charlie has been counting the number of sleeps for many more nights than he can actually count. Thank goodness there are a few 15s in his counting.

Ashleigh just celebrated her 18th birthday and graduated from High School so we thought that was reason enough to celebrate in Scotland!

She was exhausted after the long day of travel but we forced her to stay awake by taking her to the Kelvingrove museum (when it was raining) and the Kelvingrove park (when it was dry). It was a fun afternoon and mainly, we are just thrilled to be hanging out with her for the next 10 days. I have never seen Charlie try so hard to impress anyone in my life. Oh my, the little clown was ON for Ashleigh. God bless her. It could be the longest 10 days of her life!

Crazy face exhibit.

Cousins in the weapon room.

View of Glasgow University from the museum.

Playing at the skate park.

Wait until you see what the cousins are up to tomorrow!

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