Monday, 27 July 2009

Cadbury World and Lego Land

Last Wednesday, we loaded into the car for a road trip to Lego Land. It is located close to Windsor and we'd planned to visit cousins in the area on Saturday so last week seemed the best time to go. It just worked out that Davis was here to join us and Ashleigh too. Ashleigh was a saint to put up with a day and a half of Lego Land while in the UK!

A friend told me that Cadbury World was a good stop on the way and since we've toured 2 other chocolate factories this year, I did not want to pass this one up! It was my least favorite of the 3. Cadbury is similar to Hershey in that the companies built their communities with their industry. Both companies were very employee oriented and interested in running a family friendly firm. Again, Ashleigh was a trooper to endure this quirky stop. The chocolate was terrific but the entertainment and information was a little strange!

They had a playground, a gift shop and toilets, so all was good in the world (of Cadbury!)

Thursday, we woke early to be at Legoland when it opened and we stayed until it closed. The park is geared towards younger children and the 4 boys were hilarious to watch. Most of the rides are focused on the very young but Davis and Ethan still seemed to find their fun. Miniland, the area with a replica of everything in Legos was fantastic. We hit the big shop at the end and the boys have spent every free moment since then building Legos. Since we missed a few things Thursday, we went back Friday for a half day to catch the things we missed. It's a great park and I have to give a big thanks to Ashleigh for helping me keep track of everyone while there!
Remember the Angel of the North from our visit to Yorkshire in January with Mims and Gramps? They even had a replica of her!
Each of the boys took part in Lego driving school, passed with flying colors and have their Lego License! Wish I could say the same about my UK license. But that's another story for another day.
Don't Christopher and Davis look thrilled to be taking pictures??
I loved the fact that we've just seen this Rodin statue at the Burrell Museum in Glasgow last week and now they are seeing it in Lego. In this display, they had a creator office where we could see the Lego Creators at work and boy did that spark Ethan's interest. I think he has a new passion about his life's career.
It was a great visit and I think we'll be back!

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